Ankaka Announces Coolest Gadgets Luggage Travel Trolley Scooter

Ankaka Announces Coolest Gadgets Fashionable and Convenient Luggage Travel Trolley Scooter.

Shenzhen, Guangdong ( March 28, 2013

Coolest Gadgets

Cool Gadgets Store Ankaka Announces Coolest Gadgets Luggage Travel Trolley Scooter.People are always tired of dragging heavy luggage when they on the way to catch the flights or after a long journey? Here comes a fashionable luggage scooter  brings people lots of fun and convenience. This creative scooter is a combination of luggage specially designed and built-in skateboard that makes catching flight tremendously easier. It is tailored to those frequent flyers that need to move quickly and effortlessly. Compared with traditional one, special space in the luggage scooter is designed for people to put the computer, file, business card etc. Therefore, it is helpful to avoid cluttering other luggage inside. Furthermore, when people pull out the built-in skateboard, it functions as a cool scooter. On the other hand, with retractable handle bar and collapsible scooter, also it can be placed in the luggage rack or the overhead bin, just like a traditional trolley case. What an interesting and practical scooter. Come on, just ride this luggage scooter and enjoy the fun of running with the suitcase to catch the flight.

Coolest Gadgets

Item specifics From The Factory:

Bag: oxford
Wheel: PU
Chest: ABS+EV
Rear wheel: 3″
Front wheel: 4″
Scooter: aluminum
Caster: fixed caster
Wheel base: 50cm
Front width: 45cm
Handle height: 95cm
Max. load capacity: 130kg
Package size:63×26x37cm

This Coolest Gadgets Key Functions:

Designed with flexible draw bar
High quality and safe: brake pad for people to stop the skateboard
Fashionable, creative and convenient: luggage suitcase + skateboard
Good traveling partner: the scooter is collapsible, fits in standard size overhead bin, easy to carry

Coolest Gadgets

This “Coolest Gadgets Luggage Travel Trolley Scooter” is suitable for eBay-type selling / drop ship direct from China. “Ankaka” will not appear on the shipping invoice, the product or in the parcel, so, for drop shipping companies,the business is protected.

If people order multiple items at the same time, it will reduce their shipping price per item.

After customers order from Ankaka, tracking number will be emailed to them as soon as it is available. Customers do not need to ask for it.

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Contact Information:
Contact Person: Jun Chen
Company Name: Ankaka Limited
Call: 01186-755-82771810
Contact Email:
Address: 313, Building 201, Shangbu Industrial Park, Huaqiangbei Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
postal code: 518100

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