Ankaka Announces Dropship China Electronics Online Services

Dropshipping China electronics online has emerged as a way to get electronic products with low risk.As a China electronics dropshipper,Ankaka offers exclusive access to electronic products from China at the most affordable prices

Shenzhen, Guangdong ( January 14, 2013

Dropship China Electronics Online

China has emerged as a top global market force with millions of manufactures of electronics with a wide range of demand and supply but limited number of retailers. With hindrances’ for retailers to buy directly from wholesalers and manufactures due to restrictions such as minimal quantity in buying which may prove to be to much for a retailer in terms of storage and capital. Due to such factors dropship China electronics online has emerged as a way to get such products down the chain from the manufactures down to the final consumer with quality standardized chain of distribution, marketing and logistics.

13.3 Inch Portable Multimedia DVD Player with Copy Function and 270 Degree Swivel ScreenAt they offer exclusive access to electronic products from china at the most affordable prices. Apart from a wide range of products they provide shipment services and delivery to their customer. They have been in service for over seven years and partnered with multiple Chinese electronic manufacturers and accumulating thousands of consumer electronics to match any demand, domestic or international. They have a dedicated team of professional staff who have in depth knowledge and skill in picking the best products and running quality assessment test to make sure they are off excellent standards.

Demand for China wholesale electronics today is ever increasing and most manufacturers like dealing with big wholesalers who are required to buy good in large quantities, this greatly discourages small investors who don’t have such capital nor storage space for such a huge amounts. At Ankaka dropship China electronics online, retailers or small scale wholesaler benefit from wide range of products with unlimited restrictions regarding quantity of order as well as guarantee for quality products.

How it works is that the customer orders for products from people as a retailer then place an order through us on behalf of their customer at lower prices and also by providing the customers address. The order is shipped to the customer anonymously, meaning no mention of Ankaka is ever mentioned nor will the packaging include their names. The shipment might seem to have originated from the retailer.


• It’s a low risk venture as money is already collected from their customer all that’s lefts is delivery from Ankaka which is something people should not worry.

• Shipping to customers usually takes a lot of time and money and need special experiences, with Ankaka’s wide logistics skills, they guarantee goods reach to the customer at the least time possible.

• Huge capitals are not required as people get to order for what their customers want. Bulk ordering is also avoided since supply is subjected to the level of demand of their customer.

• Marketing is done by Ankaka and pictures of products can be gotten direct from the website. Which reduce their overall marketing cost

• No need to own a huge warehouse as their operating a virtual store where products are stored elsewhere and gotten easily upon orders

• More International market as sales can be done to any customer in any region thanks to Ankaka wide range of distribution. There are many other advantages in this regard.

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