Ankaka Announces Taking on a New Business: Dropship China Electronics

Shenzhen, Guangdong ( January 3, 2013

Dropship China electronics

Coming up with a business can truly take up so much of your time from the planning stage up to the implementation stage but if you really like to take on a new business the likes of these should not stop you, especially if you have other options like starting a Dropship China Electronics business.

How does Dropship China Electronics business work?


This business is quite simple and can be summarized in 5 easy points which are:

• Creating an account on which will be free of charge;

• Selling Ankaka products in your store or online shop;

• Having customers check out or order the products from you;

• Then you are placing the orders manually to together with shipping address of your customer;

• Finally, Ankaka will ship the ordered products to your customer’s shipping address directly without ever mentioning or informing your customer that the products are from

Dropship China Electronics business, is it for everyone?

Dropship China Electronics business is a business that everyone can definitely try. This business is not as tedious to start as other business where you have to start from the ground up. All you need to plan for this business is how you will be able to successfully sell the products and the other details like production, shipping and delivery will be taken care of by Ankaka. Also, dropshipping is a business with a very low risk. Basically, what you will just need to do is promote the products, collect payment, pay the product to Ankaka and let Ankaka deliver them to your customers. With a dropshipping electronics from China business you will no longer need to worry about dead stocks, unwanted inventory and the troubles of shipping and delivery. The best thing about this is, you have Ankaka doing most of the work for you and still has your back with their wonderful customer and business experience.

What are the things one should know if they will be starting a Dropship China Electronics business?

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If you truly want to try on this business and you have several strategies in mind, then that is a good thing. You will just need to remember some additional details like:

• There is no need to start the business with enormous capital or investment so you can start off with just a portion of your savings or money.

• There is no need to buy on in bulk. It is fine to buy one item after another as soon as your customer has paid you.

• If you have an online shop, there is also no need to put up a few products on your website. You can actually put everything up and show all the stocks available without spending a single cent for those products and with very little effort.

• Ankaka does not mind if you copy their images and description on your website so put every product up.

• There is no risk in putting up every product on your website since there is no fee in doing that. You will also be able to test and check which of the products is weak and which is your strongest in sales.

• No need to pay or rent for a warehouse too. So you can focus all your energy on selling instead of worrying for warehouses and dead stocks which may cost you if you have physical products on hand.

• There is also no need to worry about packaging, delivery and shipping, Ankaka got all that covered.

• Your customers are not limited to a specific region. You have the whole world as potential customers.

• No rules in setting your prices as well. Manage your prices as you deem fit.

Dropshipping is a business that you can truly involve yourself in and not worry about too much risk.

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