Ankaka Launches Unique Cool Electronics Shoes Dryer Warmer

This Unique Cool Electronics Portable Shoes Dryer Warmer 12W Free from Damp and Germs is Great Travel Companion.

Shenzhen, Guangdong ( April 1, 2013

Cool Electronics

Cool Gadgets Wholesaler Ankaka Launches Unique Cool Electronics Shoes Dryer Warmer.What happens when the only pair of shoes for the trip gets wet? Just gonna hang it up and wait for it to dry in the sun? Cancel all of the formal sessions because people have no shoes to wear? Now there’s a solution to all that. Meet the shoes dryer that’s made just for travelers.

Cool Electronics

It removes moisture and odors from the shoes, making it as good as new. Also, it helps slow the reproduction of bacteria which makes people less prone to foot diseases. Its temperature is also constant which helps keep the shoes in good condition no matter how many times people use it. But the best of it all is its size because it’s just 150 x 95 x 40 mm! This means it can easily fit into any bag that people want to bring with them on the trip. Which makes this product one of the best travel companions that people may ever have.

Item specifics From The Factory:

Length: 15cm
Power: 12W
Voltage Rating: 220V
Size: 150 x 95 x 40mm
Working temperature: 65°C -80 °C (equivalent to the temperature of sunshine)
Working time: 3 hours (changeable, based on the damp/wetness of the shoes)
Application: sneakers, leather shoes, cloth shoes, cotton-padded shoes etc.

This Cool Electronics Key Functions:

Remove moisture and odors of the shoes
Keep the feet away from damp and germs
Safe and constant temperature, keep a good shape of the shoes
Helpful to reduce the production of harmful bacteria and germs
Great travel companion; fits for outdoor enthusiasts: people can have dry and comfortable shoes during the travel

Cool Electronics

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About the Company
Ankaka Electronics supplies China made electronics to retailers across the world. The company has partnered with over 400 electronics manufacturers in China.Know more about the company and find out why it’s considered to be one amongst the best dropshippers on their official website

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Contact Person: Jun Chen
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postal code: 518100

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