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Ankaka is a professional wholesaler offering China new electronics for global resellers and dropshippers.It supplies electronics products not only in China, but also at the worldwide level.

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How to Drop Ship

In today’s fast pace world, it is inevitable that online customers also demand faster services from online stores and shop. However, since online web administrators and their employees usually have their hands full just with orders, accounting, maintaining and marketing tasks for the online store, sending out the products will usually take time. That is why the drop ship system was developed. The questions are: What is a drop ship system?How to drop ship? Who can use the drop ship system?

In order to understand how to drop ship, one should first understand what drop shipping is. Drop shipping is a technique focused on the supply chain management concept that is widely used by online and bulk entrepreneurs. In drop shipping, retailers do not keep the goods they sell, instead they allow the manufacturer or a wholesaler handle the goods and its delivery to the customers. All the entrepreneur needs to do is taking the order and shipment details of the customers. After that, the drop shipping company like Ankaka.com will handle the rest.

Advantages of Using a Drop Ship Company

So, what are the advantages a drop shipping company can offer to online entrepreneurs and sellers? Here is a short list of the advantages when using a drop shipping company:

Tasks Distribution. When an entrepreneur uses the services of a drop shipping company, he or she is simply distributing the tasks at hand instead of hiring another employee solely for sending out the products. He can use the services of companies such as Ankaka.com to effectively and safely deliver the product to customers.

Secrecy:Entrepreneurs do not need to worry about customer loyalty because drop shipping companies would not in any way or means, let the customer know that a drop shipping company was used in order to send the goods that were ordered.

No additional Fee: Entrepreneurs do not need to pay additional fee for product shipping when they used drop shipping companies. Since these companies send the items in bulk, the amount of shipping is actually lessened.

For entrepreneurs who will use the services on Ankaka.com, there are additional advantages. One of these advantages is that entrepreneurs can use the pictures and descriptions of the products or goods from the Ankaka website. In addition, they can also sell products around the world since Ankaka.com ships worldwide. The company also provides fast and efficient delivery method. For major cities, it would only take 4 to 8 days to deliver the goods.

The Answer on how to drop ship Online

The process of how to drop ship using Ankaka.com is quite easy. Here are the steps on how to drop ship:

1.In order to know how to drop ship, an entrepreneur needs to create an account at Ankaka.com.

2.Entrepreneurs are encouraged to sell Ankaka cool electronics products on their website.

3.When customers order these products from the entrepreneurs, the entrepreneur can place the order in Ankaka.

4.Once the entrepreneur has provided the customer’s shipping detail, Ankaka will ship the product directly to the customers.

The process of how to drop ship is relatively easy. Entrepreneurs are also assured that Ankaka.com will be a discreet provider of fast and efficient delivery services for the customers. This top notch service will hopefully increase the number of loyal customers for the entrepreneur’s side.

About Ankaka.com

Ankaka.com is an online electronics wholesaler that has partnered with more than 400 firms in China to ship consumer electronics at discounted prices to the world.Click here to dropship electronics gadgets such as Android Tablet, New Electronics Gadget, Chinese Cell Phone, Surveillance & Security Product, Health Care goods, Spy Camera, PC Accessory, Car Accessory, RC Toy, Home Appliance  and so on..

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