Ankaka Releases Cool Gifts Novel Portable Flexible Ostrich Shaped Pillow Travel Pillow

Cool Gifts Novel Portable Flexible Ostrich Shaped Pillow Travel Pillow can help people Enjoy a Comfortable Nap Anytime and Anywhere.

Shenzhen, Guangdong ( April 1, 2013

Cool Gifts

Ankaka Releases Cool Gifts Novel Portable Flexible Ostrich Shaped Pillow Travel Pillow.This Cool Gifts unique ostrich shaped pillow provides comfortable nap anywhere anytime. If is designed with flexible hole for head to pass through and another one to let a person breathe from mouth and nose freely. A flexible fabric is used in its manufacture along with environmental protection PP cotton. Adults can rest their hands in the two available side holes which are cushioned for comfort while sleeping on a table.

Cool Gifts

With dimensions 45 x 36 centimeters it is perfect to fit onto any kind of head and automatically adjusts itself with the soft cushions inside. This pillow is portable enough to carry anywhere like office, on the car or train and even at the air port. It completely prevents noises from reaching ears so that people can enjoy a sound sleep even at a busy place like stations.

The Cool Gifts Novel ostrich shaped pillow can also serve as a great present to gift the friends and family especially for those who are office workers.

Item specifics From The Factory:

Age group: adults
Dimensions: 45×36cm
Material: Environmental protection PP cotton + flexible fabric

This Cool Gifts Key Functions:

Great gift for friends, especially office workers
No longer getting sore neck while having a nap on the table
Two Side holes on the top: people can store the hands when they want to have a nap on the table
Easy to carry, people can enjoy comfortable slumber anytime and anywhere, such as at the air port’s on the train or car
Unique Ostrich Shaped Pillow designed with a round hole for holding user’s head and holes for mouth and nose so as to breathe freely

Cool Gifts

If people order multiple items at the same time, it will reduce their shipping price per item.

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