Ankaka Releases Dropship Electronics Online From China

When dropshipping electronics online from China, the latest gadgets and popular electronics are shipped directly to customers’ address at great wholesale prices.Electronics Dropshipper Ankaka Releases Dropship Electronics Online From China.

Shenzhen, Guangdong ( January 31, 2013

Dropship Electronics Online From China

Consumers are infatuated with electronics. New gadgets are being released constantly, and manufacturers are constantly upgrading their products. Consumers spend hours searching for deals on electronics products. They camp-out in line, sometimes for days , just to be among the first inline to get the latest electronics.

An easy way to fill the need is to dropship electronics online from China. is a new website that eliminates all the of time that is wasted waiting inline, and searching to find the best deals.

When people dropship electronics online from China, the latest gadgets and popular electronics are shipped directly to their customers’ address at greatly reduced prices.

People can sell all the popular electronics without having to stock any inventory. Selling electronics on line can be very profitable. All that is needed is a website, and the ability to take orders from their customers.

It is a very simple process that costs absolutely nothing:

wholesale electronics-dropship from China

1.People simply create a free account

2.Choose the products that people would like to sell, and post them on their site. people can sell these items at any price people desire

3.Take orders from their customers

4.people then order the items from using either of 3 payment methods that include PayPal, Western Union, or a bank transfer directly from their bank.

5.People enter their customer’s shipping address, and choose a shipping method.

6.People then confirm all the details, and Ankaka ships their order directly to their customer.

They are simply taking the orders and processing them for profits. People do not need to stock or warehouse any inventory, or pack any goods.

There are a very wide range of products from which people can choose.

Ankaka has partnered with over 400 Chinese manufacturers to offer the finest quality of electronic products. people are guaranteed delivery of the highest quality products at wholesale prices. There is no minimum order quantity. people can order one item, but it may be more cost effective to order multiple quantities.

They include all the latest top selling Android tablets, security and surveillance devices, cameras, cellphones, Computer accessories, Audio-video equipment, television and small appliances for the home.

After registering their account , people can search for any item, either by the category or people can enter the keywords and all items are displayed.

Ankaka guarantees to match the price of any comparable item, if people find can a lower price than the one listed on All items are shipped with a full 12-month warranty.

Ankaka’s office is located the city of Shenzhen, China, but all transactions are handled in the 5 major curriencies and products are shipped to the major destinations in the world, via the major couriers, that include DHL, Fedex EMS, UPS and TNT.

If people have a problem, or need some support, it is very easy to contact someone. Contact methods include, a live chat, by telephone, or email, but people should be aware of the time zone differences, and live responses may not always be available. includes a very impressive resource center that provides needed information, such as descriptions on all listed listed, and people can continually get updated on new items or news about those that have been discontinued.

To find more information on dropship electronics online from China:

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