Ankaka Releases Innovative Led Wrist Watch Japanese Style Blue LED Watch

Innovative Led Wrist Watch Japanese Style Blue LED Watch “Ferius” with Metal Design is a Ideal gift for children and friends.

Shenzhen, Guangdong ( April 2, 2013

Led Wrist Watch

Led Watch Wholesaler Ankaka Releases Innovative Led Wrist Watch Japanese Style Blue LED Watch.Wearing a watch can greatly improve the general outlook. It makes people appear intellectual and time conscious. It also makes people stylish. In addition, a watch will keep people updating in terms of time and date. This Led Wrist Watch ensures that people do not get late for work or any other important event.

Led Wrist Watch

The “Ferius” is a fashionable and stylish watch that looks amazing around the wrist. It has a metal woven strap which greatly increases its durability and flexibility. The screen has been coated with scratch resistant materials that will ensure the watch’s screen remain clear and clean. The watch is light in weight to ensure the comfort all the time. It has a magnificent blue led time indication. “It is one of the best gifts that people can decide to give the child, spouse or a friend when they have an important event such as a birthday.”says Chen.Jun Chen is the PR director for Ankaka. Ankaka has been providing unmatched deals on consumer electronics since 2005, and its online store is packed with a range of thousands of varying products, which is why Ankaka fans consider it to be ideal retailers to dropship electronics from China.
” They will always remember people since they go with the watch wherever they go.”

This Led Wrist Watch Main function:

Light-weight, clean and stylish
Ideal gift for the children, friends and themself
Special coated to be scratch resistant on the screen
Japanese style LED watch with blue LED time indication
Features a minimalistic design and a hardened metal woven strap

Led Wrist Watch

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Contact Information:
Contact Person: Jun Chen
Company Name: Ankaka Limited
Call: 01186-755-82771810
Contact Email:
Address: 313, Building 201, Shangbu Industrial Park, Huaqiangbei Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
postal code: 518100

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