Cool Music Gear Reviews Musical USB Roll-up Digital Drum Set Silicone Drum Pads Launched From China

p>Ankaka launches Cool Music Gear Reviews Musical USB Roll-up Digital Drum Set Silicone Drum Pads for Kids.

Shenzhen, Guangdong ( April 7, 2013

Music Gear Reviews

Ankaka Announces Cool Music Gear Reviews Musical USB Roll-up Digital Drum Set Silicone Drum Pads.The USB Digital Drum set offers everything the kid needs to start improving his drumming skill.Nowadays, technology allows us to reproduce all kind of sounds with pads and MIDI devices with high quality. What it means is that people can plug the Digital Drum Set into the computer and choose from hundreds and hundreds of sounds to play along with the drum.

Music Gear Reviews

Contrary to a regular drum kits, the Roll-up Digital Drum Set is more affordable, will not take a lot of space in the house. And people can control the gain of it, as it will be coming out from the computer speakers or sound system.

This drum set features a good quality built. It’s silicone made and people will be able to teach the kid to play his rhythms with a tempo clock. It also offers the possibility to record his progress and listen to his improvements from time to time.

The package comes with everything people need to get started: foot pedals, drums sticks and USB wire.

Item specifics From The Factory:

Material: Silicone
9 Drum Pads, 2 Foot Pedals
Size: 38.5cm x 28cm – 15.16inch x 11.02inch

This Music Gear Reviews Key Functions:

Support record function
Powered by batteries or USB
Very nature and the most powerful sound
Comes with drum sticks and drum foot pedals
High quality, multifunctional, portable and professional MIDI drum
Tempo adjustable, gives people the best way to study and practice
Standard drum-set, makes people feel absolutely the same as real drum

Music Gear Reviews

How to drop ship the “Musical USB Roll-up Digital Drum Set Silicone Drum Pads”

1.Create a free account
2.Sell Ankaka products through the own site
3.The customers order products from reseller
4.The reseller places the order with ankaka using their customer’s shipping address
5.Ankaka ships the products directly to the customer with no mention of Ankaka

Ankaka sells innovative music gear online:

Ankaka has been functioning since 2005 working with more than 400 Chinese Electronics Manufacturers. It supplies its products to corporate buyers, ecommerce online shops, eBay, international wholesale importers, local retail shops and works as a dropshipper too.

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Jun Chen
Company Name: Ankaka Limited
Call: 01186-755-82771810
Contact Email:
Address: 313, Building 201, Shangbu Industrial Park, Huaqiangbei Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
postal code: 518100

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