Electronics Wholesaler Ankaka Announces Chinese Electronics Goods Available Online at Wholesale Prices

Ankaka specialises in selling Chinese electronics products in wholesale. If people are a corporate needing bulk supplies, it would make sense to buy China wholesale electronics on sale directly from Ankaka.

Shenzhen, Guangdong (support.ankaka.com) January 15, 2013

China Wholesale Electronics on Sale

Selling on eBay is a neat idea. There are plenty of people who have already caught on to it. That’s how people have numerous sellers on eBay offering the same product, with same specifications, and at about the same price. How does this happen?

It is easy to use eBay to buy and sell. Most people have personal experience in buying on eBay. It is a breeze to order and receive items from eBay. But it is also quite easy to open a seller’s account on eBay, and make their products available to the buyers world-wide (or anywhere that people can ship to). Now the question arises – where to get the products for selling. That’s where the wholesale markets and dealers come in. But it is difficult to identify, and make arrangements with, a China wholesale electronics on sale supplier that people can trust.

If their business is buying and selling the latest gadgets, or electronics, people should look no further than the website www.ankaka.com , which specialises in selling Chinese electronics products in wholesale. The site has partnered with over 400 Chinese manufacturers of electronics goods, and caters their products to importers, retailers or online stores world-wide. If people are a corporate needing bulk supplies, it would make sense to buy directly from the www.ankaka.com .

All the products available on the site are reliable, and come with a year’s warranty. If people are in US, UK or Australia, people can expect their order to reach people in 4-6 days time (while some items may need post-order manufacturing and/or supply from the manufacturer, and thus a longer shipping time, most items are always in-stock and will be shipped on the day of the order). FedEx and the other couriers are also among the options, if people need faster delivery. If their business needs drop shipping suppliers, the site will protect their interests by directly shipping the items to their customers’ doorsteps with suitable labelling and invoicing, as if it were despatched by people. The site makes the claim to sell its products at the lowest wholesale rates. If the site learns about any item selling cheaper anywhere, www.ankaka.com promises to take-up the matter with the manufacturer and remove the difference within 48 hours. And there representatives are available on-line for help just in case their shipment didn’t arrive when it was supposed to.

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So what items can people source from this website? Almost anything electronics, such as phones, spy cameras, watches, android tablets, computers and accessories, audio and video players amongst others. All people need to do is to register and login at the site, fill their order and shipping details, make payment by credit card or money transfer, and people are done. people can pay in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars or Swiss Francs.

Just to compare their prices with the retail, I checked out an item which is available both at eBay, and at www.ankaka.com. The difference in the two prices turned out to be an astounding 140%! And that was for the order quantity of just one piece! The prices go further down as the quantity goes up.

The site offers real price advantage to small and large retailers, eBay power-sellers or any bulk buyer. people can now think of setting up a profitable retail business of people own and not worry about the sourcing hassles. If people already own an e-commerce website – all people need is to stock-up the items offered by www.ankaka.com, advertise them on their website, handle order processing and the local shipping, and watch the profits roll in.

Ankaka Limited

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