Electronics Wholesaler Ankaka Launches How to Drop Ship- Ankaka- the Perfect Solution

Ankaka provides the best tips of dropshipping electronics from China.Electronics Wholesaler Ankaka Launches How to drop ship- Ankaka- the perfect solution.It is the one step solution to all retailers’ storage and shipping anxieties.

Shenzhen, Guangdong (support.ankaka.com) January 16, 2013

How to Dropship Electronics from China

Drop shipping is a technique in the chain of supply which instead of the retailer stocking his goods in anticipation of selling, forwards the customer’s order details to either the manufacturer of the products or a wholesaler who directly ships the requested goods to the customer. But how to drop ship electronics from China?Ankaka is the one step solution to all retailers’ storage and shipping anxieties.

How to drop ship with Ankaka

drop ship electronics from China

As the retailer, people will be required to create a free Ankaka.com account, after which people sell Ankaka products through their own online store. their loyal customer base place orders for products from people; and people place the order with Ankaka using their customer(s) shipping address, after which the products will be shipped directly to their customers without any mention of Ankaka.com

Advantages of drop shipping with Ankaka

· Specialized procedures put in place (packaging and invoice) guarantee that no mention of Ankaka is made to the retailer’s customers.

· While shipping, the products are sent in ‘blind’ meaning that Ankaka’s name, address and contact details remain unknown to the customers; hence they cannot find the retailer’s wholesale drop ship source (Ankaka).

· None of the shipped products will contain any Ankaka’s promotional products, logos or brand name. This ensures that customers remain loyal to their retailer; there is no need for them to know that Ankaka is the secret wholesale drop ship supplier!

· Ankaka allows drop ship orders for all registered customers with no additional charges levied on them or the retailer.

Drop shipping gives people the retailer, the opportunity to find innovative ways to sell the products without the worries of stocking or shipping to clients, Ankaka takes care of all that.

There is minimal risk involved since people only pay for the requested product after it has safely reached the hands of the customer and subsequent payment has been made. This saves people from the risks of having too much stock in their hands which may or may not be purchased.

Drop shipping with Ankaka allows people to avoid the burden and task of having to market and ship products all by themselves which often requires time, effort and finances to ensure that all products are properly packed and shipped. Ankaka takes care of all this.

With years of experience, drop shipping with Ankaka offers security and the guarantee that things will be done in a fast, professional and efficient way. They can be trusted and relied on.

Should people as the retailer finally gather enough courage to start their own drop shipping enterprise:

· People can start their shipping business with very minimal initial financial investment; just partner with Ankaka.

· There will be no need for people to purchase products in bulk – just order from Ankaka after people receive payments from their customers.

· People can effortlessly ’stock’ their online shop with a wide range of wholesale electronic gadgets ordered from ankaka

· Test their market without any risks- people can advertise any items for sale, and if they are not purchased, they lose nothing

· No need to worry about storage costs or risk of ‘dead’ stock

· People have the opportunity to sell their products to customers all over the world with no anxieties or fear

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