Unique Spy Equipment GSM Keychain Camera Audio Voice Bug Announced From China

Ankaka announces Unique Spy Equipment GSM Keychain Camera Audio Voice Bug with MMS and Call Back Function

Shenzhen, Guangdong (support.ankaka.com) March 19, 2013

Spy Equipment

Ankaka announces Unique Spy Equipment GSM Keychain Camera Audio Voice Bug.This spy equipment Spy Audio Device “key chain” that allows people to monitor any room acoustics, and this monitors around the clock and from anywhere! The device operates on the normal GSM / Mobile-frequency and when it detects sounds or voices, it will call a pre-programmed cell phone or land line number and people can hear a few seconds later everything!

Spy Equipment

Automatic voice and sound recognition can manually or via SMS on and off so that the unit only comes into action when people ring! Simply a GSM / SIM card insert on the cell phone provider, preprogram number and off people go! people can be on the other side of the world, or time zone, it does not matter! The “key chain” will work on all four GSM frequency bands (850, 900, 1800 and 1900MHz) and can thus become used all over the world, even in the U.S.!

The device is not SIM-only, therefore it works completely independent of the network provider. Ideal for monitoring conference rooms, offices and villas or the own home while people are away. The possibilities are endless! people can also simultaneously operate several key chain and monitor multiple rooms simultaneously. The key chain can be activated and deactivated via SMS. Fully remote controlled and around the clock! The unit will call people on a pre-programmed number when it detects sounds or voices.

Item specifics From The Factory:

FPS: 15fps
Microphone Rate: -38db
Video Resolution: 320 * 240
Image Resolution: 640 * 480
Audio Recording Range: 10-15 Square Meters
GSM bands: 850MHZ / 900MHZ / 1800MHZ / 1900MHZ
Memory: Support External SD Card of up to 32GB(not included)
Working Time: 5h of Video Recording, 20h of Audio Recording

This Spy Equipment Key Functions:

No GSM Card is Needed
Support External SD Card of up to 32GB(not included)
GSM Camera + Audio Bug + Audio Recorder + MMS + Call Back
Call to Control the GSM Camera to Start Video or Audio Recording
Automatically Send Such Messages as “Battery Low” and “Memory Full” to the Phone

Spy Equipment

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About the Company
Ankaka Wholesale Electronics supplies China made electronics products to online retailers across the world.
Know more about the company and find out why it’s considered to be one amongst the best dropshippers on their official website http://www.ankaka.com

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Jun Chen
Company Name: Ankaka Limited
Call: 01186-755-82771810
Contact Email: sale@ankaka.com
Address: 313, Building 201, Shangbu Industrial Park, Huaqiangbei Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
postal code: 518100

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