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Reflashing instruction for B391.

Pls download the softwares to your PC from the following site:
Then follow the steps below to operate the reflash process:
1. Unzip/unrar the softwares, copy all the files to the root of the tf card.
2. plug the card to the tablet
3. turn on the tablet
4. the tablet will reflash itself after being turned on for 5 [...]

Reflashing instructions for S366 (gTab G9: Multi-touch Capacitive 7″ Screen, 3D Game, Flash, WiFi, 1.3 GHz CPU, 512MB DDR2 RAM, 1080P HDMI Output, Android 2.2 Tablet )

1 . Download the upgrade softwares from the site below:
Upzip/unrar the softwares.
2. Format a tf card.
3. Copy all the files to the root folder of the tf card
4. Plug the tf card to your tablet
5. Hold the “v-” button, and then hold the power button at the same time for about 5-10 seconds. Then the [...]

How to change the lock-up time/timeout of the android tablets?

The display time of android tablets is adjustable.  You can follow these steps to make the change:
Go to:
Settings – Display- Screen timeout
There will be 6 lock-up time selection for you to select.

Reflash instruction for iMito (A391).

1.       Download the reflash application from this site:
(you need an empty micro SD (TF) card for saving this application)
2. Turn on the tablet, insert the SD card.
3. Press the Home button (the second button on the right side), you need to press it for several second. (pls don’t move your hand away)
4. Press the reset [...]

How to reset Tablet back to factory setting?

First, please try the reset button on the side of the tablet. There is a tiny ‘reset’ hole on the side of the tablet. Just use a tooth pick or a sharp stick to touch this hole, then it’ll reset automatically. If that doesn’t work, please press HOME and MENU button at the same time [...]

Why my Tablet can only stay on when plugged in?

I can’t charge my tablet! I can only use the tablet when plugged in. The second it is unplugged, it is out of power! What can I do??
If this is happening to your tablet, the battery wire connection might be disconnected. If you open the tablet, you can connect the wire back on and then [...]

How to remove Chinese characters from A8 (E391) and other tablets?

If you find your tablet is showing some Chinese characters, don’t worry. Please follow this simply step to get rid of all the Chinese characters.
In the search bar (the browser) you just need to do a LONG TAP and hold, and then the “select input device” will come up, have them select Android Keyboard.  Once [...]

Reflash instruction for F399.

1.Hold the ‘power’,  ‘Home’ & ‘back’ buttons at the same time (the round button on the right side of the tablet is hte back button) for a while, and operate the following steps at the same time:
A) There will be a page on the screen to show ’system would boot normally for 5 seconds’, then [...]

Reflash instruction for A8 (E391)

Pls follow the steps below to reflash the A8 tablet:
1.  Download the system files to the tablet with your PC (system.img , system.md5,  uramdisk.md5, uramdisk.img) from this link:
(Please release the files to the tablet. Pls kindly note when the tablet plugs into your PC, you need to make the choice for using the tablet [...]

How to read TF or Micro SD card with your tablet?

Can’t find your TF card after you inserted it into the tablet?
Please read the following step:
1. Turn off the device
2. Insert the TF card into the slot (contacts facing down towards the screen).
3. Turn on the device
4. Go to the ES Explorer
5. In Explorer, press / (the leftmost button on the top)
6. Go to File [...]

Digital TV Standards:ATSC, DVB-T, ISDB-T, DMB-T/H

In case you haven’t heard, Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is rapidly becoming the mainstay for the way we tune in to our programs. As the replacement for Analogue Terrestrial Television, the main improvements are reduced use of spectrum, better quality picture, and lower operating costs for broadcast and transmission.
One may optimistically assume that the advent [...]

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GPS Navigation- A Beginner’s Guide

GPS Navigation- A Beginner’s Guide

At first glance, GPS seems like a technology that’s here to make our lives easier. After all, with the click of a button, it can show us exactly where we are on the Earth, and give us perfectly accurate directions to anywhere we’d like to go.
But in reality, nothing is ever [...]

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How to fix wireless interference with Baby Monitors?

How to fix wireless interference with Baby Monitors?
What is Wireless Interference?
Interference may appear in the form of buzzing, static or any kind of screeching annoying sounds. It’s not just sound, baby monitors that come with video monitoring may also suffer from a fuzzy reception. Another annoying part of the whole interference dilemma is the fact [...]

Plan on Buying a Cell Phone? Read This First!

Nowadays, there are a ton of cellphones on the market to choose from. While it’s always a good thing to have more choices, there’s also an ever-increasing chance that you can buy a skillfully-crafted yet faulty product from some of the cheapo phone manufacturers out there.
Before making your purchase, here are some important things about [...]

NTSC and PAL- Which Should You Choose?

Key Points:

If you are going to set up a surveillance system, NTSC/PAL cameras/receivers will work anywhere… as long as they are paired with cameras/receivers that use the same format(NTSC/PAL).

But you can not put a NTSC camera with a PAL receiver, and vice versa.

If you’re trying to pick up TV signals on a car DVD player [...]

Car DVD GPS Installation Guide

The old CD Player before modification

The new Car DVD GPS Player with Bluetooth
Remove the old CD PLayer and panel board

Removing the crossbeam with a hand saw.

After removal you will see this:

Connect the cables from the new DVD GPS unit with the original cables from the car. There is no special plug or harness involved. Instead [...]

Find GSM Compatibility for Your Country

On any cell phone product description page, if you see this line:
NOTE:This GSM product is compatible with the four frequencies of 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. It can be used throughout the world for the 2G netword.
Then the phone can be used anywhere in the world.
Which cell phone networks in my country support what type [...]

12 Month Warranty

Our Quality Guarantee
We at Ankaka stand behind our products 100% – we are proud of the quality of the items that we sell, and we make sure that each and every product we sell meets our stringent qualifications.
We choose our products based on their high quality design and proven hardware reliability.
When [...]