12 Month Warranty

Our Quality Guarantee

We at Ankaka stand behind our products 100% – we are proud of the quality of the items that we sell, and we make sure that each and every product we sell meets our stringent qualifications.

We choose our products based on their high quality design and proven hardware reliability.

When products are shipped out to you, we always double-check to make sure that they are in perfect condition, and that the proper accessories are included.

Ankaka’s 12-Month Warranty on All Products

The products Ankaka chooses to carry are among the highest quality that China has to offer. As a result, our Product Defect Rate is extremely low. However, in the unlikely event that a defect does occur, we are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the issue is solved in a way that leaves you satisfied.

If your product does have a problem:

  • Ankaka will accept returns for any product so long as the fault is due to a quality issue rather than customer misuse.
  • The cost for shipping the product back to Ankaka will be paid for by the customer.
  • Unapproved returns will not be accepted.
  • Upon receipt of the faulty product, Ankaka will repair it and mail it back, free of charge.
  • If we are unable to repair the original product, then Ankaka will give you a store credit equivalent to what you paid for the original product, so that you may choose to either buy a replacement, or select a different product.

Ankaka is serious about our commitment to our customers. If you are experiencing any kind of problem with your product, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

If you are a dropshipper and your customer is requesting a return, we can handle the issue directly with them, but it is recommended that we deal with the customer through you.

NOT Covered by Warranty:

  • Ankaka’s warranty only applied to products purchased from Ankaka.com
  • The warranty is void if the product’s firmware has been changed, if it has been opened, or if the product has been used in an improper way.
  • The warranty only covers products that have been sent out faulty. It does not extend to products that have been damaged or worn out after they have arrived.

Due to the fact that lifetime of certain products is directly determined by amount of usage, the following items have limited warranty coverage:


It is virtually impossible for Ankaka, as a wholesaler, to tell if a battery is “faulty”, or just simply “naturally worn out” by your own use.

Therefore the general 12 month product warranty from Ankaka does NOT apply to rechargeable batteries.

Warrenty for batteries are as follows:

  • If, within the first 30 days from the time you receive your goods, the batteries will not recharge, or appear to drain too fast, contact us with your order number, and we will give you information about what levels it should be functioning at and confirm if it is faulty and can be replaced with a new one for free.
  • Outside this 30-day period, customers are requested to pay for deliveries of spare batteries.
  • For resellers and dropshippers, you are adviced to support your customers directly for the battery issue.We can add extra batteries into your new order for a small extra fee.

Laser Products: Warranty valid for 3 months.

Projector Lamp Bulbs

Because the lifetime of the bulb shipped with Ankaka Projectors depends on the user’s usage and treatment of the projector, there is a 3-month warranty only for the bulbs.

If a projector bulb fails during the 3-month warranty period, Ankaka will send the customer a new one for free. But shipping cost is paid by the customer.

RC Toy

  • The 12 month warranty when applied to RC Toys is only intended to cover “dead on arrival” issues where the product for some reason does not work out of the box. Please carefully check your products on arrival.
  • Toy product wear and tear, and breakage during use, is your responsibility and not covered by the warranty.For example, if the toy breaks while you are using it, especially if this occurs some time after you received the toy, this is more likely to be considered as a breakage not a toy product fault.

Note:  The screen/slot/battery of the tablets/phones are not covered by the 12 month warranty as these parts can potentially be damaged by inappropriate usage.  If you find the screen or battery is damaged on arrival,  please contact us right after you receive the order.

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