Plan on Buying a Cell Phone? Read This First!

Nowadays, there are a ton of cellphones on the market to choose from. While it’s always a good thing to have more choices, there’s also an ever-increasing chance that you can buy a skillfully-crafted yet faulty product from some of the cheapo phone manufacturers out there.

Before making your purchase, here are some important things about the parts that go into Mobile Phones that you should consider:

1. Screen
Deciding on the display of the phone may seem trivial, but there are manufacturers out there who try to cut costs by using a cheaper screen. The brightness, contrast, resolution, and response time of the screen can all be affected by its build quality. Luckily for you, we at choose only cell phones with the high-quality displays.

2. Battery
All functions of any cell phone depend on the quality battery. If it has poor battery life, then you can’t use it for the main reason that you bought it- making or receiving phone calls! In order to provide you with longer talk and standby times, Ankaka chooses batteries with the same standards as any first-class cell phone manufacturers.

Most other websites simply choose the cheapest batteries to get the phone down to a lower price, but we believe that in the end this only leads to a disappointed customer!

3. Build Quality
Many cheapo phone manufacturers try to cut corners by using inferior internal components, but this often leads to faulty circuitry and overall shortened life of the product. At Ankaka, in addition to carrying only the highest quality goods manufacturers have to offer on our site, we inspect and test every single product before it is sent out.

Because of our stringent quality-control, you can rest assured that your phone will be just as reliable and long-lasting as any leading brand!

4. GSM Compatibility
GSM, or Global System for Mobile Communications, is the most-used type of cell-phone network in the world. One of the largest key advantages of a GSM-enabled phone is the ability to use Subscriber Identity Modules, more commonly referred to as SIM cards.

With a SIM card-enabled phone, one gains two abilities: retain your information after switching handsets, and change operators while retaining the handset by changing the SIM card!

All of Ankaka’s mobile phones are GSM-enabled, so you can be sure to get the most functionality possible out of your purchase!

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