Reflash instruction for F399.

1.Hold the ‘power’,  ‘Home’ & ‘back’ buttons at the same time (the round button on the right side of the tablet is hte back button) for a while, and operate the following steps at the same time:

A) There will be a page on the screen to show ’system would boot normally for 5 seconds’, then the number will count down 4, 3, 2, 1. In this step, you just need to hold the three buttons.

B)  There will be another page shows ’system will boot’ then counting numbers down 5, 4, 3, 2,1 (when the number turns into 1, pls move your fingers from the three buttons away )

2. There will be a page of six column messages:

a) Use the volume button on the upper side of the tablet to move the selection to the sixth column, press the menu bottom on the upper side.

b) Move the choice to the fifth column, press menu button

c) Move the choice to the “yes – delete all user data” column, press menu button

d) Move the choice to the fourth column, press menu button

e) Move the choice to the third column, press menu button

3. The tablet will be reboot.

4. After the reboot, there will be a calibration operation for you to process. Follow the screen instructions. Then it will go back to the main page.

Note: pls pay attention that you need to hold the three buttons firmly and for a long time during the first step.

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