Reflash instruction for iMito (A391).

1.       Download the reflash application from this site:

(you need an empty micro SD (TF) card for saving this application)

2. Turn on the tablet, insert the SD card.

3. Press the Home button (the second button on the right side), you need to press it for several second. (pls don’t move your hand away)

4. Press the reset button on the back of the tablet. (The home button still needs to be pressed)

5. Then an “attention mark” will appear on the screen.

6. Release the home button

7. Press the home button for one more time

8. There would be some column tips, in which there will be a “apply SD card: update……” selection

9. Press the back button (the first button on the right side)

10. The tablet will be updating

11. After it has completely updated, you need to pull the SD card out, then please press the reset button.

12. The whole process is done.

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