Reflashing instructions for S366 (gTab G9: Multi-touch Capacitive 7″ Screen, 3D Game, Flash, WiFi, 1.3 GHz CPU, 512MB DDR2 RAM, 1080P HDMI Output, Android 2.2 Tablet )

1 . Download the upgrade softwares from the site below:

Upzip/unrar the softwares.

2. Format a tf card.
3. Copy all the files to the root folder of the tf card
4. Plug the tf card to your tablet
5. Hold the “v-” button, and then hold the power button at the same time for about 5-10 seconds. Then the menu page will pop up.
6. Press the “v-” button to move the selection, choose the second choice ” …SD…”
7. Press the power button to let the tablet to start upgrade
8. After the upgrade process, it will turn back to the upper page, then choose the first option “..shutdown…”, hold the power button to turn the tablet off
9. Turn on the tablet, press “SKIP” & “NEXT” options to enter the menu page
10. (If the g-sensor doesn’t work at this time) press (setting)—(other setting)—G-SENSOR CALIBRATION (make sure that the tablet is on the desktop level in this step) —(start calibration), after the above processes, the g-sensor function will work fine.
11. Hold the “V+” and power buttom at the same to enter into the calibration page, after the calibration, all the upgrade process is done.

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