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Spy gears are the one of best items for resellers and drop shippers.

Spy gears are the one of best items for resellers and drop shippers. Here is why. All of the big trading platforms have some kind of policy again selling Spy gears. Details as follow:
1.Ebay Prohibited Listings
—Telephone bugging devices and wiretapping devices
—Miniature transmitters
—Surveillance microphones
—Listings that promote the use of photographic devices to surreptitiously view or record individuals [...]

For dropshippers and Resellers – How to Set Up Shipping Fee

Registered Air Mail Shipping fee (USD) = product weight(KG) * 14.85+2.52
If product weight= 1 KG,then
Registered Air Mail Shipping fee (USD) = 1* 14.85+2.52=$17.37
Air Mail charges the same for any country.
Air Mail can only ship item weighs no more than 2KG.

But if the item weighs more than 2KG, you will have to choose Express Shipping method [...]

Importing from China -the Easiest and the Least Risky Way
(*) Phase 1
Dropshipping some items firstly to test the market.
Here is how to pick a good item for drop shipping. For example,
Sorted By:New Arrival
New arrivals are good for reselling. Post some of them on

(*) Phase 2

Now that you know which items are good for your market, you can be confident to import those items [...]

Ankaka Limited Registration Information

registration address(This is not the address for returning products. We also have offices and warehouses in Shenzhen. Please contact us for product returns):
Room 1701(088) 17/F,Henan Building,No.90 Jaffe Road WanChai
Hong Kong
registration number (certificate no.): 51894781-000-03-10-A

Does Ankaka charge restocking fee?

Buyers can return products  in their original condition postmarked within 30 days of shipment. If the item returned is not defective/damaged/materially different, Ankaka reserves the right to charge restocking fee.  The restocking fee is calculated based on the condition of the return product (usually it’s 10-20% of the item cost). After receiving the return product, [...]

How to Print an Invoice

How to Print an Invoice of  your order by yourself
(step1) log in
(step2) click on the order number

(step3) click on “Print an Invoice” button

The invoice comes with an Ankaka Logo. If you want to delete it, please follow the below instruction:
(1)    Please save the above file.  In your Browser:  File >>Save As
(2)    Open the file with [...]

Ankaka Data Sheet
updated on 2014-5-22
This file is being updated monthly.
Ankaka is now providing data files (CSV) for resellers to upload products information onto their websites.  Please visit the above file to download it.
You may need to edit the file for your own use.
Resellers are also welcome to use content from

The  above data is being updated every [...]

Alternatives to eBay- Other Places to Sell Your Items

Why Resell Your Items Outside of eBay?

As a seller, buying your items is the easy part- Ankaka is your China electronics wholesaler for stock items, as well as their descriptions for use in your own listings. And for your added convenience, Ankaka also provides dropshipping anonymously, in order to help protect your business.
When it [...]

Large Order Discounts

The price breaks indicated on normally go up to 50 pieces or up to USD $1000.  Ankaka can get you better prices for larger-volume orders.
If you are interested in a quote for a large quantity of items, please contact us with the following details:

Your payment method: Bank Transfer, Western Union(Our large-quantity discounts offer is [...]