Importing from China -the Easiest and the Least Risky Way

(*) Phase 1

Dropshipping some items firstly to test the market.
Here is how to pick a good item for drop shipping. For example,
Sorted By:New Arrival
New arrivals are good for reselling. Post some of them on

(*) Phase 2

Now that you know which items are good for your market, you can be confident to import those items in bulk order to get discount and to save shipping fee.
Order those items in one order and get several pieces for each of them.
Combining multiple orders into the same shipment has great advantages:
Firstly, it greatly reduces your shipping price per item.
Second, you can delivery very fast to your domestic customers.
Third, you get discount prices.
Now you can list those items on both ebay and Amazon.
Other Places to Sell Your Items (this is not a necessary step) :

(*) Phase 3

Now you are ready to setup your own e-commerce website:
Hire freelancers to help you:
Focus on one field only is the easiest way to be successful. For example, spy devices.
For better explaining, let’s say:
A :items that you imported and stored in your home, which you get from the previous combining shipment method.
B: items that are stored in wholesaler’s warehouse that offers you dropshipping.
Now list A on your website, Amazon, ebay.
List as many kinds of B as you can on your website.
Pick some of B and list them on eBay to test the market.
After you get the sell feedback, you can get more A.
Congratulations! You are now successfully in China importing business via the easiest and the least risky way.

Last tips: If you are reselling or promoting your products in a non-English market, you would have many advantages.

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