Spy gears are the best items for resellers and drop shippers.

Spy gears are the  best items for resellers and drop shippers. Here is why. All of the big trading platforms have some kind of policy again selling Spy gears. Details as follow:

1.Ebay Prohibited Listings:
Telephone bugging devices and wiretapping devices
Miniature transmitters
Surveillance microphones
Listings that promote the use of photographic devices to surreptitiously view or record individuals for sexual purposes
2.Amazon Prohibited Listings:
Devices that are primarily useful for the purpose of the surreptitious interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications (i.e., eavesdropping or wiretapping), such as:
a)Bugging devices
b)Wiretapping devices
c)Audio-only or audio/video devices that are disguised to look like something that is not designed to record sound
Devices used for hacking, descrambling, or otherwise obtaining unauthorized access to wire, electronic, or other types of communication
Devices designed to facilitate the surreptitious viewing or recording of individuals for sexual purposes
Amazon examples of Permitted Listings: Video-only surveillance equipment that does not record sound, such as hidden video cameras
So hidden video cameras with record sound are Prohibited Listings.
3.Aliexpress Prohibited Listings:
Any kinds of spy gears.
4.Alibaba Prohibited Listings:
Any kinds of spy gears.

All of these come to an obvious conclusion: If people can find a way to sell those prohibited listings, they won’t have much competition. One of the solutions is to sell them on their own website.

A good example is spy gears wholesaler Ankaka: http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-spy-gear_c10085

Ankaka announces that it is now able to provide OEM service to any kinds of exiting spy gears. “We have been experiencing the thriving trend of online selling of spy gadgets. So we have made a tremendous effort to be in the top supply chain of spy gadgets.” Said by Jun Chen, the company PR manager.

One thing needed to be mentioned here. Paypal will not allow trading of Jammers. So if a website is using paypal as one of the payment methods, jammers must not be listed even though it is one kind of spy gears.

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