Payment Issue

This is a standard anti-fraud check and only applies to certain types of orders, such as

  • The shipping address for your Ankaka order is NOT the same shipping address used for your PayPal payment.
  • You are a first-time customer with and you have made a large order.

Please choose one of the following 3 methods(just one will do!):

(1) You can ask us to ship your order to the address used for your PayPal payment.

(2)Payment Verification

Sometimes, unfortunately, thieves gain access to people’s credit card details or Paypal accounts.To protect everyone against a small number of fraudsters, we have to apply these ID verification checks to some first-time customers.After we verify this order with you, your future orders will not need to go through this process again.

Acceptable Verification Documents

The below documents are acceptable for verifying that the payment was authorized. Please ensure that your scanned image is as clear as possible and avoid strong JPG compression that makes the image fuzzy.



A scan of the FRONT of the credit card used to pay for the order. Blank out the numbers for your own privacy. The full name should be shown.

HIDE the numbers.

SHOW the card holder name.



A scan of your nationally recognised photo ID such as:






SHOW the face, full name, address (if available)

HIDE any sensitive data such as date of birth that you view as confidential. The name must be shown clearly.

Acceptable: Driver’s licence of the person who made the payment.

Acceptable: National ID Card of the person who made the payment.

Acceptable: Passport photo page of the person who made the payment.

If your payment is by a company (company name not a private name)…

If your payment is by a company (company name not a private name) then, instead of photo ID you can provide proof that you are a representative of the company. To protect your document we advise you watermark or partially deface the image.

A company registration certificate is a

good way to verify your payment is genuine

if paid by the company credit card.

Watermark or deface the image to protect your document.

If your billing address is a different country to your shipping address…

If you made the payment using a credit card or bank card in your home country, but you are staying overseas so the delivery address is another country, it will help us if you also show us a proof of address that matches the delivery address, e.g. a household utility bill or a bank statement. Again, be careful to blank out anything you don’t want us to see.

A bill linking your name with your delivery address

may help in addition to your proof of ID,

where your credit card or bank card

billing address is in a different home country.

Not Acceptable / Not Sufficient:

- Paypal receipt

- Unofficial ID

- Bills or bank statements

- Blurry or fake-looking document scans/copies

- Website whois information

- Letterhead or unofficial proof of address

Not acceptable : it looks like you used photoshop to fake the name.

Not acceptable : your attachment image is too small for us to read.

Not acceptable : your scan was too blurry for us to read.

To send Ankaka such documents is safe because:

  • You blank out credit card numbers and any sensitive information.
  • .When you pay us your credit card or bank card payment is processed by Paypal and not by Ankaka directly. Therefore we have not seen any of your financial details or your credit card details.


Please email us that you want to cancel the order and want refund. Please then follow the below to re-order the items.

If you still want to pay by PayPal/credit card/debit card:

During the checkout process, you will see the below screen:

ankaka dropship verify

Then after you confirm this new order and log on your account, you will see the below screen. Please click on Change to edit your PayPal Shipping Address.

ankaka dropship verify

If you can NOT change your PayPal Shipping Address, then you can not pay us by this method . You can just ignore this new order you just made and it will automatically expire.You will need to create another new order which pay us by the Bank Transfer or West Union.

Detailed instruction:

Bank Transfer:

West Union:

If you can not accept any of the above 3 methods, please just tell us and we will cancel your order and fully refund you immediately.

If we can not get a reply from you within one week,we will cancel your order and fully refund you immediately.

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