Ankaka New Wholesale electronics (July. 2010)

USB 2.0 4-Port Hub and Solar Battery Charger Item#: ZTS-S32     Price: 11.78

Easy To Use, Portable – Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Item#: ZTR-H43     Price: 18.08

24-Port USB Hub -Power USB Electronics Without Using A Computer Item#: ZTK-K123     Price: 27.02

Premium ATSC High Quality Active Car Antenna-Easy stick-on installing Item#: ZSI-A52     Price: 10.41

7 Inch Touchscreen Monitor with VGA(works with any OS and computer) Item#: ZSF-1002     Price: 126.29

(4GB,30FPS) DVR Spy Camera – Keychain Car Alarm Remote Style Item#: ZSD-I46     Price: 35.57

Solar Powered Super Bright LED Bicycle Light Set – Waterproof Item#: ZSB-S33     Price: 11.41

Super Bright LED Bicycle Light Set – Alloy Construction, Waterproof Item#: ZSB-LT18     Price: 5.71

Super Bright LED Bicycle Light Set – Solar Powered Rear Red LED Item#: ZSB-LT17     Price: 8.55

Open UHF/VHF Radio Frequencies – Professional Walkie Talkie Set 220v Item#: ZSB-J48-220V     Price: 73.79

Open UHF/VHF Radio Frequencies – Professional Walkie Talkie Set 110v Item#: ZSB-J48-110V     Price: 73.79

(Melody Player + Night Light) The Turtle Stuffed Toy Item#: ZSB-G267     Price: 9.13

High Quality USB Guitar Link Cable (PC, Mac) – Amped Pro G266 Item#: ZSB-G266     Price: 18

USB Y Cable For External Hard Drive-USB 1.0/1.1/2.0 Item#: ZSB-A61     Price: 2.4

Stereo Speakers included – Solar Battery Charger Backpack(1600 mAh) Item#: ZRX-E96     Price: 28.54

Sound Activated Light – EL-Shirt for Parties (Skeleton-XL) Item#: ZRH-LT05-XXL     Price: 6.85

Sound Activated Light – EL-Shirt for Parties (Skeleton-L) Item#: ZRH-LT05-XL     Price: 6.85

Sound Activated Light – EL-Shirt for Parties (Bottle-XL) Item#: ZRH-LT04-XXL     Price: 6.85

Dual-SIM TV Projector Phone – Mini SD Card Slot(2GB Included) Item#: ZQF-M139     Price: 173.01

5W High Fidelity Edition – USB Speaker for Laptops(Mac, PC) Item#: ZPT-G195     Price: 12.8

Great TiVo Alternative – ISDB-T USB Dongle – Direct Digital TV Receiver Item#: ZOC-E121     Price: 13.5

(MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 Format) ISDB-T Digital TV Box for Cars Item#: ZOC-C45-2GEN     Price: 49.44

Stylus for Beryllium Cellphone (M92) Item#: ZNZ-M92-STY-ACC     Price: 2.15

X920 – CREE LED Powerful Flashlight (250 Lumens, Waterproof) Item#: ZNY-G259     Price: 9.13

Stylus for Robot Cellphone (M80) Item#: ZNC-M80-STY-ACC     Price: 2.15

(IP x8) Sea Lion Waterproof MP3 Player (4GB Internal Memory) Item#: ZMI-L12     Price: 43.01

Luxor – Triple SIM Unlocked Cellphone (Dual GSM SIM Card + CDMA SIM Card) Item#: ZLE-M144     Price: 76.07

Throat Mic for Walkie Talkies with Optional Mini Velcro PTT Button Item#: ZLB-A60     Price: 34.22

Fingerprint(ID scan) Car Security System With Mobile Messaging Alerts Item#: ZKP-BG04     Price: 219.61

500GB HDD Included – Dream HDD Media Player For Downloaders Item#: ZJI-E51-HDD     Price: 107.53

DVR With DVB-T (Hi-Def Up To 1080i) – HDD Multimedia Player(1.5TB) Item#: ZHQ-E19     Price: 95.18

8MP Digital Camera with 3 Inch LCD Touch Panel – x5 Digital Zoom Item#: ZGT-DC09     Price: 145.48

Touch Screen USB Monitor 8 inch TFT LCD – For PC,Mac 800×600 Item#: ZFQ-E124     Price: 149.29

7 Inch HD Touchscreen Monitor-Including (HDMI,AV, VGA) Inputs Item#: ZFQ-E123     Price: 127.4

Royale Quadband GSM Watch Phone with Built-in Bluetooth Earpiece Item#: ZFM-M145     Price: 110.29

(Print, Scan, Fax All-in-One) USB Printer and Device Server Item#: ZEL-G36     Price: 28.55

Stylus for Odyssey Cellphone (M56) Item#: ZDQ-M56-STY-ACC     Price: 2.15

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